Elves in the Woods by Dula Jathunarachchi. Illustration created using the Infinite Painter app.

Morgan Le Fay by Dula Jathunarachchi. Illustration created using Infinite Painter app.

Forever yours, Echo.

Echo. By Dula Jathunarachchi My Dear Narcissus, I remain heard. At every mountain, every cave, every forest they cannot tame, I remain heard. I can never speak first, since I am foully curst. My voice was too much for them, too fine. I thought that you would see and grant my loving plea, But your... Continue Reading →

The Bald Boy

It was the day I waited, for many days to come. It’s going to be great, they said, The honour of HIGHER EDUCATION! An honour to me, an honour to my family, an honour to my neighbourhood. Oh they all knew I was going. I checked the web, I checked the pictures… Oh the trees,... Continue Reading →

I am a villain.

I am a villain, I hate those know-it-all fools. Who talk in deep tongue And think that they're the ones to rule. They condemn other ideas with sarcasm, And funny enough, their friends approve. They're the ones who dress the smartest And look for people to fool.  

The Lady Morgana’s Song

The Lady Morgana, the elder sister of the legendary King Arthur was denied of her right to the throne with the birth of her prophesied brother. The legend claims her to be an enchantress or a witch who is indirectly responsible for the death of King Arthur, The Once and Future King.

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